About Us

At Blue Box Self Storage we offer a range of storage solutions

Here at Blue Box we offer a range of options including both ground floor units and 1st floor units which are accessed via our aluminium rolling platform which allows you to gain access safely seven days a week. We also have internal spaces and start up offices of various sizes that may be of interest and ideal for small businesses. Why not arrange to come in and see us and have a lo round with no obligation before making any decisions. We also offer a range of office services including delivery taking while you are out working during our office hours. Our storage costs start as low as £25 per week.

Bespoke Storage Solutions

BlueBox Self Storage Coleshill was set up 12 years ago and has fine-tuned its business to supply local people with bespoke storage solutions for personal and Business enquiries.We operate a one-month minimum contract service to ensure we help all enquiries with a solution to suit their storage needs.

High Quality Containers

We mainly offer 20ft Containers that were purchased new fit for purpose and they are all clean, dry as well as double ventilated to ensure they are sweat and frost free all year round. We also have internal units of various sizes in a warehouse environment. These units are slightly bigger and can be fitted with electric should your requirement demand this as a part of your contract.

Community Focused

We are established in Coleshill and have a good name in providing not only storage services but commitment to the local community helping out with various charity events throughout the year. We take a £100 deposit on all our contracts which is returned to the account it came from at the end of the storage term.

Virtual Offices

We are always looking for new opportunities and this year we have launched our virtual office where you can have your business post delivered, sorted and forwarded to a nominated address to assist young businesses establish themselves as a fully functional operation with our assistance. If you think Blue Box could help with your business needs or simply aid as a temporary storage solution on a personal level just give us a call and we will be happy to advise and help in any way.

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